Fiberglass Doors

salle montre porte fibre verre bonFiberglass doors are available through various sizes, they can either be in smooth finish, or texturized mahogony or oak woodgrain finish. It accepts most doorglass sizes. They are also available with Novasecure multipoint lock for more security. Easy to maintain, these doors can be either painted or stained. Fiberglass doors will not dent, scratch,  crack, rust or rot like other materials.  Woodgrain appearance is moulded onto fiberglass panels given the look of a real wood door  when stained, provides the warm look of wood while having a long-lasting durability. Seven times more insulation value  and less maintenance than a wood door.

Fibre de verre unie lisse Kallima oval      Porte fibre de verre Cachet 22x36 patine lateraux-8-x-36-.-Imposte     Fibre de verre grain bois acajou Kelowna   Fibre de verre grain bois Chene Scarlett3 panneaux 22x48      Mistral_22x48_Orleans_Chene
Smooth Kalima/ S/L 7×64        Smooth Cachet/ S/L 8×36        Mahogany         Oak/Scarlett3/ S/L 8×48         Oak/Orleans
21-5/32 x 57-1/4                            22 x 36                                       Kelowna                         22 x 48                               22 x 48