Interior Wooden Doors

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Choosing an interior door depends on the type of production and style you desire. From a classic to contemporary door, there are nearly 70 models in 6 different species of wood that are available.  The types of wood vary from oak, solid oak, maple, cherry, clear pine and knotty pine which allows everyone to find the right style door that best fits with any decorated room. Other wood species are also available on request.  Ready to install, standard doors are available in different types:


porte pin noueux arqué 15 carreaux     porte shaker 4 carreaux     porte shaker 10 carreaux givrés        porte 5 panneaux bois   porte chêne 8 panneaux  porte pin 2 panneaux     persienne pliante demi
French doors,     bifold french doors                                        Panel doors,      bifold panel doors                                                                                                   
blanc carmelle   blanc cintré 1     blancbellagio   roman blanc         porte chêne vitre verre select 1   porte chêne vitre verre select  porte bois carrelage contour
                       Interior panel embossed doors                                           Interior decorative glass designs doors
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                                              Exterior doors

They are available with different species and colors and also with different type of surfaces:
Smooth, textured, molded, with frames and caming, they can also have decorative glass designs.