Steel Doors

  Photo salle de montre 2e étage bon    photo salle de montre acier        Photo salle de montre 2e porte acier vitré bon
The wide range of windows available in various sizes, will be a way for you, to improve the appearance and enhance the architecture of your home.  There’s a lots of options available.  Height cutted door, commercial sill, door knocker, decorative hinges,  door viewer, hinges, transom, wide color selection, the options are beyond the most fertile imagination.  Isolation is provided by a double weather strip and sill anodized rust away for life.

A door that meets the highest standard of isolation is required for our harsh climate. You can  match the hinges to  decorative doorglass styles that are mostly available with Argon gas and add the options you want with the choice of three standard size door.  You have the choice of fixed or mullion astragal & bolts if you want both doors to open. You can also choose from all types of doorglass according to your taste. You will get the features you want. The steel door with cap, can be of variable size, painted white or with a color of your choice. It has a warranty of 10 or 20 years. It is built on a framework 7-¼” x 1-½” (optional 1-¼”), covered with a PVC cladding inside and outside.


  • Drilling hole (2nd hole)
  • Energy efficient glass:  Low-E,  Argon gas
  • Door viewer
  • Double glazing, triple glazing 
  • Push Plate
  • Choice of  decorative doorglass
  • Transoms and sidelites
  • Kick Plate
  • Brick mould:  Pine,  PVC,  aluminum
  • Ball bearing hinges,  Spring hinges,  Outswing hinges
  • Interior PVC cladding
  • Exterior cladding:  PVC,  Aluminium 
  • Panic bar
  • Door Closer
  • Sill extension 2”
  • Mailbox
  • Interior grill
  • Security plate
  • Painted door
  • Non standard size door
  • Outswing


Novatech 2 panneaux à lambris tête cambréNovatech 2 panneaux tête cambréeNovatech 3 panneaux tête gendarmeNovatech 6 panneauxNovatech 4 panneaux demi lune CachetNovatech 9 panneaux Distinction sablé étoileNovatech Victoria Alys tablette
     2 panel            2 panel           3 panel         6 panel           4 panel            9 panel       Victoria Alys
planked camber    camber         scroll top                        half-moonCachet  distinction* decorative shelf


Novatech Orléan Lounge 22x48Novatech London MarquessaNovatech Linéa cachetNovatech Oso thermoforméNovatech Sydney Mistral
     Orléan /Lounge 22×48          London /Marquessa 22×36    Linéa/Cache  Oso/thermoformé           Sydney/Mistral

Verre Select Akai    Verre Select Angelina sidelight     Verre Select Cubiste    Verre Select Amadeus
      Akai 22 x 48                             Angellina 22 x 65                      Orléan / Cubiste 22 x 48              Amadeus 21 x 65

Masonite Cuzco            Masonite Iron Spring          Masonite Sienna        Masonite Zavalla
  Cuzco/22 x 10              Iron Spring 22×48           Sienna/Oval 3/4            Zavalla 20 x 64

Vitre Art 1010-Automne           vitre-art 480 Kiara       vitre-art 627 vision       Vitre-Art 351 Matisse
1010 Automne 21×65       480 Kiara 21×65               627 Vision 21×65              351 Matisse II 21×65
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