Patio Doors

You can make your choice on a wide selection of sizes, styles and options. We can offer you the patio door that will meet your desires.
  • Energy efficient glass: Low-E, Argon gas
  • Glass frames: 5-1/2 ” or 7-1/4″
  • Double glazing
  • Sill extension 2”
  • Integrated tiling: Georgian or tubular
  • Key lock
  • Interior PVC cladding
  • Foot lock
  • Exterior cladding: PVC, aluminum
  • Security Bar
  • Handles: color choices, multi-point
  • Brick mould: pine, PVC, aluminum 
  • Transoms and sidelites
  • Extension de cadre: 7-1/4″ ou 9-1/4″
At Portes Mirabel, we make every effort in order to combine durability, strength and elegance
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