Portes Mirabel

Company Profile

Established in Brownsburg-Chatham, Portes Mirabel  is a leader since 1974. Working in an industry where competition is fierce, the founders of Portes Mirabel choose a philosophy of quality products and services. We offer at the same place a wide selection of products of steel doors, wood doors and windows. Whatever the desired model, we are able to satisfy all your requirements.

Our company specializing in door product design, has developed a door that stands out by the choice of components, the quality of assemblage, the innovation and aesthetics. Our qualified professional team is our strength at your service. It is with his experience and determination to meet the challenges it can provide you with high quality products at competitive prices.  At Portes Mirabel, we make every effort in order to combine durability, strength and elegance.

Over the years, we have built our reputation on the quality of our products, our professional and courtesy of our staff. We are committed to your satisfaction at all times in order to build a lasting relationship of trust.

We are concerned about your satisfaction at all times in order to build a relationship of lasting trust.
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